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My name is Jasper Visser. I’m a strategic advisor and community builder working on a more sustainable future, mostly within social, cultural, and civic organizations. I am a director of Stichting 2030, where I work with public and private organizations, networks, and communities to face the significant challenges of our time. Also, I am an avid reader of mostly non-fiction books (history, biography, current affairs), an amateur student of world cultures, and I enjoy cooking. When possible, I try to keep fit by long-distance running and yoga. I am a proud father of two young kids.

Culture and curiosity is a regular irregular newsletter about the things that pique my interest. Expect to read about community leadership, sustainable development, and digital transformation in culture and beyond. Also, you can expect notes on gardening, non-fiction books, and the occasional toddler.

If you want to get in touch, easily reply to any of my emails or go to my Twitter or LinkedIn page. I may also be near where you are for a public lecture or workshop at any moment, in which case I’m glad to grab a coffee together.